Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia nowadays Daniela is a Sweden based teacher, energy healer, facilitator and the creator of Shaktihood, a community built to remember the existence and the embodiment of shakti energy as a source of power and creativity. She is a master Reiki practitioner and facilitates Reiki workshops, women circles, as well as leading her signature Shaktihood ceremony and women retreats in Sweden. In addition she is the co-founder of MYSTIC Home - a concept intertwining the reality of daily life and the magic the eyes cannot see. Lately she has released her own podcast together with well renowned yoga teacher Lina Lindahl 

From the depths of my heart.
I am forever grateful for the day I was introduced to yoga. My life was going nowhere not only on a physical level but also on a spiritual level. Emotionally I was empty and I felt lost. Yoga is not meant to be easy and has never been, everyday gets even more challenging because we start to uncover layers underneath the surface. Throughout my journey I have discovered ways for a wholehearted living. I have become empowered by realizing I hold the key to my own future. Nowadays I dedicate my being to help people find their ”key”. I hold sacred space for anyone to BE exactly where they are on their journey. I seek to help others recognize what holds them back, and how they can move towards LOVE.

By teaching yoga, I facilitate room for students to create a deeper connection to their true self, allowing for an awakening into the wonders that life has to offer. I truly believe we already ARE what our hearts seek, only that we are looking in the wrong places. We search outside of ourselves, instead of within, which disconnect us from our heart. I thrive to help my students come back to themselves, explore their own mind, body and soul in the long-lasting quest of finding the beauty that exist inside ourselves.

Join me in class for the experience of diving deeper into yourself, into love, and discover your unique magic while having fun! No matter where you are on your journey today, believe me - THAT is exactly where to begin!  

Daniela ॐ