5 Things to Help with Motivation

North of Sweden

North of Sweden

It is so hard to believe in myself. Seriously, the struggle is real. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have a support system made up of mazing people who constantly remind me of all of my potential hidden behind all of my fears of failure. Still, sometimes I can be found playing small, staying within my comfort zone. But who benefits from this? NO ONE. Focusing my energy and my thoughts into believing that I am capable has taken up years of my yoga journey. As time has gone on I have been able to slowly but surely begin to believe everything is possible. 

Last week at the end of a yoga class, my teacher ended with a phrase, "You can, therefor you will." And there I was. Laying in Savasana crying my heart out. I was unable to get my self upright. I hope I'm not alone in this. Trusting is hard. And it doesn't happen overnight. Learning to believe in ourselves and our limitless capabilities can cost us tears, but the kind of tears that feel so damn good and leave you with overwhelming freedom. 

There are some of the things that have helped me stay motivated and confident as I work towards my goals: 

MORNING SET UPS: You are amazing! You are a badass! Everyday wake up and feel good about yourself. Believe it or not, your first thoughts will set up your entire day! As soon as you wake up, before you even look at your phone, take two minutes to feel gratitude for what you already have and powerful knowing that you have another day to kiss ass!

CHOOSE YOUR TRIBE: Positive energy is contagious! Surround yourself only with those people who want to see you grow. Do your people expand you or shrink you?

IDEALIZE: Don't get hung up on the end results. If there is something that's not working out for you, try a different approach. Embrace the ordinary of the everyday since those moments will make up the journey that will lead you to your dreams. 

MAGIC LISTS: As much as I love to make to do lists, this is a different thing. Magic lists are about people, situations or future desires. List what you already have and what you would like to see more of in your life. When we write our desires on paper we solidify our thoughts, making them energetically powerful and able to convert desires into realities. 

LOVE TIME: The same way you have time in your day to have lunch or go to the bathroom, you should have a few minutes of your day, everyday to do whatever you want. It is simple as sitting and sipping on coffee, rolling out your yoga mat, or even singing along to your favorite song, You'll be surprise how much positive energy this will give you and also keep your vibration level high through the day!