Craft Your Own Passion

Photo by: @selah.yoga_la 

Photo by: @selah.yoga_la 


"There is no special passion, waiting for you to discover." -Cal Newport


Three years ago, my life was completely different than it is right now. I was not exactly unhappy but I was not happy either. I remember having sporadic periods of being happy but happiness was not consistent in my life. It was as if I was a passenger in my own life. I was not particularly passionate about anything. I thought I had no control over the direction I went or the stops I made and I could not have been more wrong. 

What is so different about my life today? Well, while I am still trying to figure out my place and where I am going, now I occupy the driver's seat. I create the direction my life is headed. 

I recently read a post by Joshua Fields Milburn called "'Follow Your Passion' is Crappy Advice." This post discusses a different approach to what the word passion means in our lives. Milburn emphasizes the idea that passion is not to be discovered but rather cultivated and crafted. Rather than being limited by the idea of finding the passion, create it! Whether the focus its in our jobs or our hobby, we need to consider concentrating our energy and hard work towards something and we will find one day that we become really good at that thing we love to do. Over time, little by little, we developed a passion. 

 In order for this to work, it is necessary for us to to drop the idea of ourselves as the passengers. We need to think of ourselves as the drivers. If we crave passion in our lives, we better start creating it and quit waiting around. Actively working on the thing that we feel strongly about!

It is okay not to know what it is that makes our heart beat faster. Three years ago I had no idea what true passion felt like. I never thought yoga would become such a big part of my life though I certainly enjoyed it. Over time, I worked hard and focused my energy into becoming a yogi and next thing I knew, the passion was built. 

Whatever it is you are waiting to have happen, it won't happen until you actively invite it into your life. Drive your own life. EVERY SINGLE DAY!