How Did Your Vacation Leave You Feeling?

Photography Miami Beach

We live too fast too often, and we are so used to living this way that we do so even when we are vacationing. 

I lived in Miami for almost 5 years before I came to Los Angeles. And every time I go back, it seems like I'm on such a tight schedule. I try to do and see so much, that I end up mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the trip.

Last week I was in Miami for only five days. But unlike every other time I've been back, I was finally able to grasp the concept of quality over quantity. This time around I actually got to enjoy myself, to be present, and to spend quality time with friends and family. I finally understood that it is more about who you are with and how you cherish your time together rather than how many things you get to do while you're there. 

It is important to make room for what matters. I always tried to make so many different plans that I ended up exhausted. I've heard people say "I need a vacation after my vacation" and in my case, it would ring so true. We are busy even when we go on vacation, it all seems so hectic. It becomes a second job and we have reservations everywhere. The itinerary is full before we even get to where we're going. 

Before I left for Miami, I had only ideas of what I wanted to do during my stay. Don't get me wrong, I did have some things planned, but most of it I let be "free time" and I found myself spending long afternoons laying by the sand, talking, laughing and reading books next to my mom.

This trip got me thinking, what is it we really want out of our vacations? I'm not really talking about the destination or the length of the trip, but really how would our mind, body and soul benefit from these getaways? There is no right or wrong. It simply is what matters to you. Next time you go on vacation you may want to stop to think of what you would like out of that time away from home. Plan accordingly, giving yourself time for your whole body, mind and soul to stop, absorb the experience, and appreciate where life has taken you. What matters while you're away is what you take back home with you. How did the trip leave you feeling?



Hallandale Beach is a little less hectic compared to other beaches in Miami, it is more peaceful. And although the weather in Miami can sometimes be crazy, I was lucky enough to get some continuous sun!



This trip I finally made my way to the Wynwood Walls! I've been wanting to go to for the longest time. This place is full with graffiti and art work of over 50 artists from around the world. The giant buildings serve as a canvas for the most amazing street art. If you ever find yourself in Miami this is a must go. 

And, if you make your way to Wynwood, you should try gigi. Its a modern Asian-fusion restaurant, but the most amazing part are these tiny and delicious pistachio cones.