Keep Hope in Action

Let me start this post by saying that failure is not a sign of weakness, but rather it is your best teacher. Throughout my life, I wanted to explore so many different ventures, but I would eventually find myself delaying or finding excuses to quit and start something different. I would tell myself things like “I’m not good at this,” “I need more training” or even “Maybe this is not for me,” until I finally realized all these doubts are nothing but fears. On our path to achieving our dreams we actually want to make mistakes so we are able to learn from them. There are a million excuses we can make on why we should NOT do something, which makes it too easy to quit when something is not going our way.


“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”- Brené Brown.


In my personal experience, when I first started teaching yoga, I felt like quitting more times than I can remember. I found a million reasons as to why I shouldn’t be teaching. “I’m not ready yet,” I told myself. “I’m not wise enough” or “I have to work on my inversion practice more.” These excuses were created in my head to put myself down and they separated me from my path. When I find love for myself in the process of teaching, it becomes easier to carry on when doubts and fears arise. Today I try to find more compassionate thoughts that keep me motivated to go on. Thoughts like “I’m adequate to teach” and “I can teach from my own struggles” set me up for success by loving myself through the process and keep my hopes in action. 

We all have times when we feel like quitting whatever we are doing, but then we would just pick up something else we like, just to find ourselves eventually quitting that thing too. Commitment is important to success. However we need to love ourselves in the process, be humbled by our mistakes and invite compassion when things get rough. The key is to stick to our path even if it means we have to fail a thousand times before we succeed, and most of all we must remember to keep hope in action and keep moving forward.