My Journey

It is easier to define others than it is to define us. 

Not too long ago I was caught up in a situation in which I had to ask my friends to tell me who I was because I was incapable of doing so. I realized I had no idea about my strengths or my weaknesses. It was so bizarre to me, the fact that I had to ask other people about myself. How is it possible that I've been occupying this body for almost twenty-five years and am unable to accurately tell anybody who I am? All these years I had not taken the time to explore the world that lives inside of me. 

Yoga for me has been a way of learning, a way to go beneath the surface and beyond the physicality of my body. After practicing for a while I started to ask questions on what lay behind my fear of getting to know who I was on a deeper level. I realized that I feared if I got to know myself maybe I would find a thing or two I didn't like. I am not gonna lie to you, it is pretty scary to discover the limitless potential that lies beneath our souls. But whatever I've found so far inside of my heart are the things that make me unique.  

The practice of yoga has allowed me to drop the layers and the walls I have built throughout the years. Not all of them, of course, but a lot of them. It has been a tool to connect to my self and to love myself in a way I didn't know was possible. It has also taught me that there is certain sense of empowerment when we come to know our weakness, it is like you finally realized what has been holding you back and you're then able to take action and open your perspective to things like love, success and happiness.  

Yoga is liberation and I would love to share my story of becoming the best version of who I am by tapping into my fullest potential. My journey has been about standing tall and grounded when challenges arrive and confident that I am capable of fully experiencing all the things that life has to offer.

This story starts here in the now, in the everyday, as I breathe in and out. I try and keep it as real as possible, meaning I promise to speak from my heart. I'll share my failures, my successes, helpful tips/tools and whatever else happens in between. If there is ever anything specific you would like me to talk about, reach out and let me know! I would do my absolute best to deliver.  

Thank you for following my journey, and for supporting my online platform. I hope to inspire you somewhere along the way!