My stay at Svarga Loka Resort in Ubud, Bali

Svarga Loka means "heaven on earth" (in Hinduism), and after staying in this magical resort for two nights I must say, the name is spot on! As you may know, I just completed my 300-hour yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali. So, I basically lived and breathed Ubud for the five weeks I was there. Ubud is a special haven filled with creative artists and amazing restaurants.

The city and its inhabitants will forever hold a special place in my heart. However, I will say that being in central Ubud means dealing with A LOT of traffic, which sometimes can be too much (and I’ve been living in Los Angeles for years!). That is why the location of Svarga Loka Resort is perfect. Seated just outside the busy city center, this place surrounds you with a calming quietness and the only sounds you hear are from birds and the beautiful river that runs alongside the resort. Yet it’s still within walking distance to delicious restaurants like Bridges (I went twice!) and just a short ride downtown (they even offer a free shuttle service). It offers great opportunities for people like myself who just have to do and see everything there is. But here is the thing, once you arrive at Svarga Loka you don't really want to leave. This place is just magical.

Aside from being a beautiful place to stay, Svarga Loka is also committed to a wellness vision that shows through in the treatments and retreats they offer for healing all layers of your being!

On my first day, I had a spring water colonic session with Nigel McFarland, a body-based psychotherapist, master healer, and holistic health consultant. I had no idea what I signed myself up for and was quite nervous, but Nigel held the most sacred space and took me to a safe place where I was able to self-explore. I spent an hour with Nigel and it was one of the most revealing and humbling experiences of my life.

I was also very lucky to meet Savitri Talahatu, a holistic therapist. I was scheduled for an hour session of crystal healing, but after exchanging a few but deep, meaningful words with such a powerful and intuitive woman, we ended up doing a couch-life session, which was exactly what I needed! The wisdom and love that this woman radiates goes beyond words. 

Last, but definitely not least, I must tell you about my meeting with fitness professional Tara Galih. She made such a deep impact on me that it’s hard to explain how I feel about our session! Tara studied me and my posture and was able to give me advice on weak and awry links in my body that could cause me pain down the road. But what made the entire session so much better was Tara herself. She is just such a sweet and genuinely kind person with whom I really felt a connection.

The land on which Svarga Loka is seated is considered sacred ground, so the owners constructed the resort around the beautiful nature without cutting down a single tree. This makes visiting Svarga Loka an incredible experience. I wandered around by myself, surrounded by nature and I felt such mystical and powerful energies. Everything felt untouched and so many thoughts started coming into my mind, like what secrets do these old trees hold? And what wisdom does the gentle wind whisper in my ears? Nothing is forever, but here it feels like time has stopped and that the nature welcomes you to be one with all its glory for as long as you want.

The restaurant on site is absolutely delicious, every dish is prepared with organic and local ingredients!!!

The restaurant on site is absolutely delicious, every dish is prepared with organic and local ingredients!!!

From the moment I stepped into Svarga Loka, I knew I was in for something magical. I long for the day I get to return and see all the beautiful souls that openly welcomed me and took care of me from beginning to end.