The Chillhouse: Best Lifestyle Retreat in Canggu

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As many of you know, I recently completed my 500-hour yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali. When it was finished, David flew out and we travelled west to Canggu. We’d booked a stay at The Chillhouse, and although we had heard great things about this place before going, we had no idea about the treat that was ahead of us! 

This tropical retreat is something else. 


The moment we stepped foot at The Chillhouse we knew there was something truly special about the place. We stayed in the Shakti room (Shakti is the female principle of divine energy, also known as the creative energy of the universe). I loved the room! It had vibrant colors, a giant bed with a mosquito net, a spacious bathroom, and a cozy balcony. 

After staying at this lifestyle retreat for a few days I never wanted to leave. 


I spent so much time on the balcony overlooking the pool and the yoga shala. There I would enjoy their little fruit basket of apples and tiny bananas after exploring Canggu all day.

After five weeks of yoga teacher training I used my stay at The Chillhouse to relax and process my inner journey. I would lay by the pool, journal, and reflect on all the knowledge I had acquired while connecting with like-minded people! 


They also offer a lot of activities such as surfing lessons and mountain biking (that is, if hanging by the pool all day sounds boring to you 😜). I joined a few of their yoga classes and I had a great experience. After exploring the city, my body felt tight and heavy, but a gentle, yet strong, vinyasa class lead by Frauke, made me felt so much better! The class was pretty crowded, which I was surprised by since most hotels that offer yoga classes tend to have really small class sizes. The coolest part was that I knew a lot of them already from dinner the night before.


Ohhh I haven’t even talked about the dinner! They host a family style dinner every night at 7pm and everyone eats together at communal tables, so it’s the perfect way to get to know your fellow travelers! The food was delicious and they have options for all dietary restrictions!