The Night of New Year's Eve

I wrote this letter the night of New Years Eve, I was home and sick with a cold that refused to leaved my body. I was cuddled up under more than three blankets, sipping on chamomile tea when I just felt the need to grab a pen and a piece of paper. You will notice that everything is written in past tense and it is fully intentional. In my mind all of it has already happened. 


Dear 2017, 

You were the year of change, empowerment and self-realization. 

With you I encountered great challenges that allowed me to tap into my most-powerful being.

Throughout this process I kept on reminding myself "I am a human," "I make mistakes" and because of that I gave myself permission to love every aspect of my being. 

My dreams became a creation once I allowed myself to receive. 

"Who I am not to shine?" -Marianne Williamson

World travels, lots of love, career opportunities and self-discovery on the horizon. 

Delved into my yoga, meditation and well-being. 

I came first so then I could help others. 

I attracted wonderful humans into my life who taught me powerful lessons. 

I lived fully to inspire others to do so as well. 

I dreamed big. 

I trusted I was capable and I was. 

You brought me closer to my soulmate and showed me my purpose in this world.

You were all about LOVE.

All I need is ALREADY within me.