Whining Will Not Take You Far

Photo taken by @chrispoops

Photo taken by @chrispoops

Lately I've been reading a lot about how to redirect my thoughts to attract positive experiences in my life. I have briefly touched on this subject on one of my latest Instagram posts but I have decided to expand on it here. It is common knowledge that the more we focus on negative things, the more we attract such negative events and make them realities.

While exploring this concept, I've realized how much I complain, and how much time I spend talking about the things I don't like about my life. I was so blown away by how much of my energy goes into focusing on situations related to anger and frustration. Now, it is okay to talk about issues going on in your life to a certain degree, after all everyone needs to vent here and there to keep their sanity. However,  in just this last week alone, it seemed like every conversation I had involved whining and/or complaining of some sort.

I do not wish to judge our patterns of behavior, after all it is natural to talk about the things that are not working out the way we want to, perhaps in the hope of gaining some understanding. Instead, what I am trying to say is that if negative conversations make up 70% (or more!) of our interactions, we should aim for more positivity!

What I find works pretty well is to take the situation that is causing us so much anger and frustration and try to find at least one thing we learned from it. One lesson, that allows us to move forward and not carry the bad feelings with us for the rest of our lives. Eventually, every time we look back at this "bad" situation, we will see it as a learning experience. I invite you to pay attention to your interactions with those around you. Take note of the attitude and tone you use. Find what it is that you talk about the most. Is it always about the things you don't want to see in your life, the things you want to change? Then try to make an effort to shift the conversation to a learning experience. If you can, make it more about good things that have happened.  It can be as simple as "everyone has been so nice to me lately," "I've been going to my yoga classes and I feel great," or even "It's been lovely to spend more time with my best friends." It can be ANY positive thing that has happened to you that you would like to see more of in your life!

Positive, positive, positive! This should be the focus of your daily conversation. Talk about your dreams, what you want, what you already have and how lucky you are. Thoughts are powerful, they shape your life and they create your reality! Whining and complaining are your worst enemies! :)