It's been a little bit more than a month since I moved to Malmö, Sweden!!! Little by little I'm learning to know the city and its people. 
I have visited a few local yoga studios, and lucky for me most of them have classes in english! I have also been practicing at home a lot, so I decided to create a playlist that can help me stay motivated since it can be hard to stay focused while trying to do yoga at home. I find some many distractions... like a refrigerator full of goodies waiting for me in the kitchen (guilty) 

I want to share the playlist with you, hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! I have done it so that you can just hit play and enjoy a opening, middle and end of a 90 minute yoga class. Or if you just want parts of it, whatever goes :) Mellow start, FLOWY middle and Yummy Savasana! 
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