Yoga + Music + Love

I love finding new songs to make playlists for my weekly yoga classes. Sometime it takes time to find the songs I like without them being too distracting to practice with. I'm gonna share with you some of my recent favs! Wether you are practicing at home or creating a playlist for your next class, I hope you can find some inspiration for your next creation!

1. Power Yoga: I made this playlist for one of my power classes. It goes in order from beginning to end. It starts mellow and it ends with relaxing beats. 

2. Yin Yoga: This playlist is called Yin Yum. It is one of my go-to  playlists when I teach Yin classes. If you are unfamiliar to this type of yoga, Yin is a slow-paced class and its said to be the other half of a dynamic invigorating vinyasa style (Think of it as the Yin to the Yang). It targets deeper tissues of the body by holding postures for longer periods of time. 

If you like the playlists and would like to get more,  you can find me on Spotify! :)