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S h a k t i —All living things have Shakti. It is the source of all, the Universal principle of energy, power and creativity. Shakti fuels our spiritual evolution, immense creativity and it empowers us to see/embrace the divine quality that already exist within ourselves

H o o d —Hood is denoting a state or nature.

S h a k t i h o o d —Is a reverence to what we already are but have forgotten; primordial cosmic energy. It is an awakening to the realization that we are everything we look for. It is a community that unites to hold space for each other to remember we all hold the key to our freedom and awakening.

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Yoga Classes

I currently offer private lessons and I teach public classes at two different studios in Malmö.

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Reiki Healing


The practice of reiki contributes to the understanding and visualization of the currents of energy throughout the human body. A reiki treatment re-aligns the flow within the human system transforming the energy into pure spiritual vitality, and at the same time it clears obstructions and improves spiritual awareness.

During 60 minutes you’ll experience a full body ‘energy’ massage which also includes essential oils, crystals and sound healing as part of the session.


Distance Reiki treatments are just as effective as in-person treatments, allowing me to send you healing from afar. Prior the session we will chat about your specific needs for the healing and I will follow up after by e-mail to discuss the distant healing session. All while you rest in the comfort of your home.

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*In person healing session are currently held at Hot Yoga Malmö