This weekend retreat was beautiful, exactly what I needed it to take a break from everyday life and stay in a charming farm in the quiet countryside to look inwards. I felt I was where I needed to be and felt at home straight away. Daniela facilitated the energy to circulate, the feelings to emerge and the body to heal. Being in a safe circle with positive energy opened up sharing, relaxing and letting go. I am bringing back home new tools to continue this path, and help me in my daily Sadhana. Daniela, thank you so much for putting your heart and energy into organizing this weekend, all details were all so well thought and I am already signing up for the next one!

-Sonia Salek

The Women Retreat was absolutely magical. It was so powerful to gather in circles with women who may join for different reasons but for sure there is something in common: we all want to show up for ourselves, work on ourselves to be better with ourselves and others and therefore with the world. Daniela holds a space in a very special way, working with the energies of the room. I loved the questions for journaling and also that it was intimate— we didn’t have to share what we replied, but we had the chance to share what was in our heart. This way of sharing is very healing. I really enjoyed the workshops too, specially the one about Sadhana. The place and the food was also highly exceeding any of my expectations. It was so nice also with a ‘small’ group, I think it was the perfect size!

-Ildiko Szabo

I have been curious about reiki healing for many years, but had not tried a session until meeting Daniela a few months ago. Daniela is very professional and makes you feel comfortable, especially if it is your first time experiencing Reiki. I have chronic pain in my shoulder, and through the healing she recognized this pain and blockages in my body. After the treatment I felt like I was walking on clouds, such a weight was lifted from my body. For someone with chronic pain, it is so wonderful to know that it is possible to find healing with Reiki.

Daniela is exactly what you would hope for in a healer - grounded, sensitive and compassionate. My session with Daniela was many things – powerful, enlightening, and helped with blockages I felt in my body. She gave her thoughts after the session, answered my questions, but gave me space to have my own experience.

-Bethany Henderson

Refreshing, empowering, gratifying, peaceful and enlightening, this is how I'm describing the Reiki sessions I had with Daniela. Knowing Daniela's peaceful and kind nature, I was excited to try it and sure enough she was exactly the hope I was looking for. She made me feel comfortable, asked me to relax and let everything flow; throughout the session I felt her energy, her stillness, her compassion and care. Daniela is the perfect instructor and guide and I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for new path of self discovery, she's truly amazing.

-Pilar Massetti

The Women Retreat Daniela created was an amazing experience. I learned new things about myself an felt like I developed as a person! We shared in a very beautiful way. A lot of the things we did I had never done before but I don’t think that I could’ve had a better first experience than this. The Women Retreat had a good mix of everything and I got some tools to continue the work back at home, like journaling which is something I realized I’ve missed very much and want to continuo to do so from now on. To gather together the way we did is so uplifting! I hope I can go again soon.

-My Kristoffersson


Daniela was my first experience with reiki healing and it was such an interesting experience! From the very beginning she made me feel comfortable, and opened me up to a type of healing I had never considered before. She has an inherent ability to tape into your subconscious and intuitively diagnose everything that lies below the surface. Afterwards I felt lighter, more open, and equipped with the tools to move myself forward. I would highly recommend a session with Daniela, she is amazing!

-Deanna Mcdonald